New GitHub Pricing Policy

Posted: July 11, 2016

About 6 months ago I moved my entire GitHub setup to GitLab, primarily due to the costs involved in having a large number of private repositories. Since then, GitHub has completely overhauled its pricing policy, dropping repository specific charges in favour of charging for users.

GitHub's new pricing structure

Prices for individuals are now a whole lot more reasonable, costing only $7 per month for unlimited private repositories (free if you're part of the GitHub Student Developer Pack). For me this is a lot better, but in some circumstances this has now become a whole lot more expensive.

One example of this is highlighted in open source projects like MyBB. We have half a dozen private repositories, holding code for various internal projects. Previously we paid per private repository, resulting in a relatively small cost. However, now that GitHub charges on a per-user basis, the costs have significantly increased. There are currently 22 members on the team, leading to a hugely inflated cost. Because of this, it may be necessary to remove members from the team on GitHub to reduce the monthly cost, potentially making it harder for us to all contribute to the project.

So, in summary, the new GitHub pricing policy may be good for individuals, but has somewhat increased the cost for teams and organisations, pushing quite a few of them to go down a similar route to me in moving away from the platform entirely.

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