Plan For ChemCraft

Posted: September 12, 2015

ChemCraft is getting a little old now. Development has been at a halt since last year but this year I plan on reviving the project and getting a full proper release out. There are two major plans I have for the mod that cover both content and development.

Firstly, the ChemCraft site is getting a little old. It currently runs on the Laravel 4 PHP framework, but I’d like to upgrade that to Laravel 5 to get some of the new features. Currently we have code generators built in PHP for local development. These have been great as they pull data from a Google Spreadsheet and place it in the mod. We use this to generate huge quantities of items and blocks quite quickly. The issue with this is, each time we commit changes to the Google Spreadsheet, we need to manually run the generator, then commit those changes to GitHub and create a build using MCP. Ideally, I’d like to change this so that MCP and the generators are available on the live site. That way, after committing changes to the block/item templates or the Google Spreadsheet, if changes are seen by the generator (which will check periodically) it regenerates a whole new build from scratch. This generator will pull in the new Spreadsheet and GitHub changes, and then pull in any new art assets from Google Drive. It will then build a new version based off of all of this information, and make it available to download on the site directly. This will cut out a lot of the downtime, wherein I have to manually create builds and then upload a .zip to the site.

The second thing I’d like to do is create a whole bunch of new content. So far we’ve only focused on base ores and their respective dusts and ingots. From this I’d really like to get some machines going that use RF or some other energy source. These machines will be used for refinement and we’ll get things made such as plates (iron plates, steel plates) and a whole load of chemistry equipment used for various machines. I’d like to get some real chemistry in there, perhaps using apparatus to perform oxidation/reduction, increase/decease concentration, and alloy materials. I’d like to implement a liquid system for things like liquid nitrogen, acids/alkali, and a gas system for methane/propane (not sure how I’m going to do this one!). I’d also like to expand the radiation effect and related protection equipment.

I’m then hoping for a major release before the year is out!

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