Tag: Development

LabCalculator: Plate Designer

One thing I find particularly annoying as a scientist who works in situations where numerous 96-well plates are used is that I can never find a good way of writing down the layout of my plates. I've t... Read More

LabCalculator: Searching Tools!

Over the last few days Ive been coding a brand new feature for LabCalculator, the tool myself and a few colleagues developed to aid laboratory scientists when performing tedious calculations. For a wh... Read More

Data Mining: MyBB Community Forums

For a long time now I've been a member (and staff member) of the MyBB Community Forums. I've seen thousands of members come and go, and read probably tens of thousands of posts. Over the last week I'v... Read More

New GitHub Pricing Policy

About 6 months ago I moved my entire GitHub setup to GitLab, primarily due to the costs involved in having a large number of private repositories. Since then, GitHub has completely overhauled its pric... Read More