LabCalculator: Plate Designer

Posted: October 31, 2016

One thing I find particularly annoying as a scientist who works in situations where numerous 96-well plates are used is that I can never find a good way of writing down the layout of my plates. I've tried printing plate layouts but they always end up with a few hundred words of my (arguably terrible) handwriting squeezed between wells. It always overcomplicates the situation, and leads to potentially costly mistakes. I also like to keep an electronic notebook, which is difficult when half of your notes are on paper. So for the last few days I've set out to fix that, developing a new tool for LabCalculator called Plate Designer

The new Plate Designer tool for LabCalculator

Simply choose the size of your plate, from single well dishes all the way through standard sizes like 6 well, 24 well, 48 well, 96 well, and 384 well! From there you simply need to click on a well, and the system will let you input crucial data, like the sample name or notes about the concentration of a drug you may have dosed the sample with.

An example well, with our test sample and 1µM of Dox

Once you're done you can print the plate, or export it for safe keeping. Once exported you can re-import it later and make any changes.

Export your plate and keep it somewhere safe! Later you can re-import it and make changes, perhaps adding results of the experiment.

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