Hi, I'm Tom Kent
Research Scientist and Web Developer

I have spent the last 10 years developing web and desktop applications in a variety of languages for both personal projects and clients. For the last 4 years I have been studying in the UK in the fields of biomedical science at the University of Lincoln and, more recently, molecular medicine at the Weatherall Institute for Molecular Medicine at the University of Oxford.


  • 2006: Began learning HTML, Javascript, CSS & PHP
  • 2009: Joined the MyBB Community forums & opened my first forum
  • 2010: Began A-Level’s at Teesdale School & Sixth Form
  • 2010: Began learning vb.NET & C#
  • 2012: Started BSc Biomedical Science at the University Of Lincoln
  • 2014: Joined the Community Team at MyBB
  • 2015: Began MBio Biomedical Science at the University of Lincoln
  • 2015: Became Lead Developer for White Digital
  • 2016: Accepted a DPhil position at the University Of Oxford